A Collection of Videos for the European Youth Parliament

Due to my active involvement in the European Youth Parliament, I produced and collaboarated in many videos. Here I present a collection from my past involvement that brough new perspectives to the NGO netweork while enabling me to experiment in different ideas on video.  

EYP is a peer-to-peer educational programme that brings together young people from across Europe to debate the pressing issues of our time. Our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

The NGO is based in Berlin that has respective chapters in fourty different countries around Europe. 

90th International Session of European Youth Parliament
July 2019
Valencia, Spain

The video advertises the Drawing is a Concept. Portrait is a Concept exhibition that was held within the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe as a Pop-up show. 

The portraits were free to be taken away by the general public. 

Reach the full project here. 

12th National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Serbia
July 2019
Belgrade, Serbia
It was shown at the end of the event to farewell all the participants and highlight the key learnings of the media team during the process.
Rather than documenting the event, the team that I lead wanted to give it a new perspective. 
Participants were interviewed about their opinion of the world as it is. 
The video aims to give voice to the particiapting youth. 
This short film was screened after the closing speech of the President of the conference. As te speech was about homosexuality and its battles, the short film aimed to educate the participating youth on gender. 

43rd National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Italy
April 2018
Volterra, Italy
Inspired by the quiet and poetic nature of Volterra, the video summarizes the conference in a poetic manner. 

86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament
November 2017
Tbilisi, Georgia
While the video is shown at the end of the flagship event of EYP, it summerises the entire schedule of the event while celebrating the diverse voices that travel to it from all around Europe. 

Power Shifts Academic Forum 
August 2017
Heidelberg, Germany
While Power Shifts projects focuses on the future change to renewable energy resources, Immortality as a short film is a take on change and how it is within human nature to change to become immortal. 

17th National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Netherlands
December 2017
Maastricht, Netherlands
As the conferece was built around the celebration of the Maastricht treaty, this short film shows how a young girl develops her understanding of the treaty. 
The film was shown at the end of the conference to the participants to summarise key concepts. 
Screened before the opening ceremony of the conference to bring the energy of the teambuilding day to the rest of the event. 

24th Regional Session of European Youth Parliament Latvia
October 2016
Jūrmala, Latvia
As the conference is focused on future enviromental measures, the media team produced a short film following a boy on his absurd journey to come in peace with people and trash. 

The short film was shown at the end of the event as an alternative take on environmental discussions. 
While the song was written and produced within the media team, all the participants were motivated to dance for the music video of the song. The song became the jingle of the event in a way.  
Lukas Jablonskas delivers a speech about time in a forest that transcends human time. 

14th National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Latvia
August 2016
Daugavpils, Latvia
Reinis Klavs Rudzitis delivers a speech on what means to be human next to a public school in Daugavpils.