Oompa Loompa Chocolates
January 2019

Ooompa Loompa Chocolates is pseudo product. It’s real purpose is to function as a manifesto on how the fiction we carry from our childhood carries colonial ideals that are still prominent today.
The chocolate packaging references the Tim Burton movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” that is based on the famous Roald Dahl book because it is a present artifact from the childhood of the millennial generation. If the story is examined again, one pale white British man goes to an exotic forrest and finds a settlement of people who are midgets, look Indian and that are all played by the same actor. He takes them back to Britain and uses them as happy (?) slaves in his factory to produce the best chocolate on the market.
Therefore, the famous Willy Wonka Chocolates are subverted to an alternative reality where Oompa Loompas revolt to take control of the factory and start producing chocolate with their own identity. Their image becomes a large part of the branding rather than being a well kept secret of the industrial process. Loompa Loompas have also decided to donate to families in the Ivory Coast which accounts for the 38% of the worlds chocolate production with immense numbers of child labor and insufficient wages. The lines between fiction and reality are blurred while questioning the viewer on how much of it is fiction and how much of it is reality.

Oompa Loompa Chocolates was done for a one week assignment for the course Design for Good taught by Annalisa Oswald during Winter 2019 for the Illustration department at Rhode Island School of Design.