Mimaroğlu Documentary
July 2020

Mimaroğlu is a documentary about İlhan Mimaroğlu who is an early pioneer of electronic music during 1950s. It captures him as a person through his approach to music,  his relationship with his wife and his kinship to New York. 

I was asked to iterate two poster concepts for the documentary to be presented to the client. 

Completed for Monroe Creative Studio

Concept 1:
The documentary uses a lot of footage that Mimaroğlu filmed himself therefore, it gives a chance to the viewer to see the world through his perspective. The posters harness that idea by putting visuals literally atop his eyes. 

Concept 2: 
Mimaroğlu would collage sounds with early synthesisers and sound manipulation machines. These posters slice and machinize shots from the movie with the same manner as Mimoroğlu would work with sound. 


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