October 2019

This is a sculptural and graphical study of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

After diving into studies on Gilgamesh, I sculpted myself as Gilgamesh, taking the identity of the ancient hero. This sort of behavior amplifies the lessons of Gilgamesh and underlines how we have not changed at all. I decided to sculpt with clay because asyrologists decipher the Gilgamesh text through the inscriptions on clay tablets. 

Likewise, a clay tablet from the many that make a uniform Gilgamesh narrtive was visually inspected and some shapes were traced from the original tablets. These shapes were later combined to make a display font which carries the character of Sumerian cunieform. 

The sculpture and the display font were later combined for posters that distribute the narrative under my personal interpretation.  A new connection between the contempoary and historic narratives are established.  

Gilgamesh Sculpture was made for FMM Show at Waterman Gallery of Rhode Island School of Design.  Supervised by Alba Corrado and Mahala Miller.