Frosted Flakes Ad Proposal
March 2020

Screenprinted t-shirt
For a RISD graphic design assignment each student was given a random object that exists in a supermarket shelf and were given the choice of collaborating with or subverting the originally given object. The designer had to come up with three strategies that are inter-related within a week. 

As I received an on-the-go pack of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, I wanted to create an instagram advertisement that stands out by using absurd elements. Tony the Tiger becomes me (a design student) while the pleasure of the cereal eating experience is  accentuated through exaggerated acting. 

The poster utilizes a still from the animation at the end of the Instagram advertisement as display text because it creates a feeling of rush and uses the product as a tool for imagery. The photo is later inspected (or analyzed) with the typography to create different levels of reading.  

Completed for Design Studio II under the guidence of  Paul Soulellis in Rhode Island School of Design.