East Side Railway Tunnel
November 2020

The East Side Railway Tunnel is an abondoned underground infrastructure between Benefit Street and Seekonk River in Providence. Now it is a relic of time, even a journey where the ways we are accustomed of experiencing our surroundings flip. As the tunnel is packed with its own histories, it can be generously experienced as a meditative journey to the self. 

We decided to legitimize the myth around the tunnel by providing a set of ephemera that brings the experience to alternative audiences.

The ephemaera is firstly utilitarian. While the suit and the boots are necessary apparel in the tunnel, the map condenses personal experiences, histories, and mappings to a single narrative as a preperation to the journey. The takeaway posters from the installation keep the urban legend in flux. 

Completed for Design Studio III  under the guidence of  Lucinda Hitchcock in Rhode Island School of Design in collaboration with Simon Misner and Destiny Griesgraber